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Status: New
Issue Type: Feature Request
Project: Cutting Room Floor
Component: 3.0.6
Category: Other
Assigned To: Arthmoor
Platform: Windows PC
Severity: Low
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Opened By Arthmoor on Nov 29, 2014 5:03 pm
Last Edited By BlackPete on Oct 7, 2017 5:30 pm

Issue #18263: CRF - Vanilla. Tracker for reported cut content that's been missed.

Drop anything in here that hasn't already been covered. Note that not all of it will be accepted because it may not be complete enough!

The following has been considered already:

Windhelm Arena - The arena cut from Windhelm would require a great deal of work to complete, possibly even including 3D modeling to fix some portions of the scenery. There are also two other mod projects out there that aim to fully restore this. Only one is complete but I don't know how true to the original design it stayed. The other project may or may not still be in progress.

Boethiah's Bidding - There is enough information intact to resurrect this, but it's somewhat dicey because it involves killing a Jarl and the civil war.

The Whispering Door cut portions - There does not appear to be enough left of the cut portions of this to revive it.

Collecting the Edda - There is enough material, barely, to string something together, but the quest over all is just not interesting enough to do anything with. I'm pretty sure that whatever the plan was, enough of it is missing to make an attempt at restoring it too shallow to bother.

"Mourning" - Marked out as conditioned not to start. Probably for good reason. All it is is a bunch of quest aliases and no dialogue. Whatever it was, it's been gutted too much.

"Hauntings" - While it appears intact enough to put back, IMO it feels pretty lame and out of place and may have been cut for that reason

"Trick Shot" perk - A missing perk for the archery tree that gives a 25% chance to disarm. While it is functional as created, it will be a source of save bloating due to the fact that disarming separates the weapon from the NPC and then leaves it behind forever without cleaning it up. Since archery use is far more likely to be a regular thing for people who play as them, it's much more of a risk than the Disarm shout over time.


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Arthmoor said:
<del>User report from BGS forum:</del>

<del>Hello chap was wondering if you were aware of this mod:

[[http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56807|Better Mages Guild]].

The reason I bring it up is it claims to restore some uncut/unused content that your mod doesnt seem to cover.

Unused Content added

Unused NPC Muril added to "The Staff of Magnus" quest.
Unused Onmund dialogue added to "The Staff of Magnus" quest.
Fixed and added the unused dialogue between Orthorn and the guard.

Gauntlet in the Midden now has its unused quest setup for it.

Read Midden Incident Report(near Gauntlet) The Gauntlet

now has its unused quest "Forgotten Names" added.
When near the gauntlet the objective to investigate will pop up.
Read the "Midden Incident Report" on the table, near the Gauntlet.
Reading the Treasure Map now gives you a quest marker.

It also adds in this nice little treat:

Orthorn should now be in Winterhold after the quest "Hitting the Books", and not disabled or wandering off
When you become Arch-Mage Orthorn will move back to the college

Orthorn should now stay at the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold after the quest "Hitting the Books".
When you become Arch-Mage, he will move back to the College.

I dont want to use Better mages guild simply because it makes changes to the winterhold college quests i.e more thalmor, harder bosses.

I am hoping that you will add in the unused content that this mod adds back in along with having orthorn turn up at hte college if you let him go/he lives in the hitting the books quest.</del>

Eternity said:
Not sure if it counts as something that was cut out or as a vanilla bug, but the UESP page about Vittoria Vicci (http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Vittoria_Vici) mentions a scene that never happens (quest DialogueSolitudeDocksScene1)

Also, regarding these argonians and the "Light's Out" quest, here http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Jaree-Ra it is mentionened that "The related quest was supposed to have multiple outcomes, presumably with Deeja betraying Jaree-Ra.", and it mentions some dialogue lines. I don't know if there are voice files for that.

Eternity said:
Ah, interesting, regarding that quest, "Lights Out" (MS07), there are also dialogue that suggests that captain Aldis would help the player to get rid of the bandits. "I'm Captain Aldis. I'm here to help you take down these bandits."

In english, there is no distinction between singular and plural "you", so it is worth mentioning that in the spanish version of this string, the plural form was used, which suggests that he is helping both the player and Jaree-Ra for that task (at least, it is what it makes more sense, Jaree-Ra talks about rewarding the player if he gets rid of bandits in another line).

The audio files DO exist (and as expected, they have the MS07 prefix). These dialogues make reference to stages that don't exist in the quest.

Some more info: NPC Ma'zaka is also mentioned by Aldis but misspelled as "Mazzaka" -&gt; "You're the one Mazzaka described to me".

Garthand said:
This is pretty minor but I noticed two levers around the city in Blackreach (RefIDs b2d5c and b2a30) don't actually do anything, but have traplever scripts attached and nearby archways... I wonder if it would be within the scope of this mod to restore functionality to these by connecting them to a Dwemer Wall Trap overhead (TrapWallDwe BaseID 90571)?

Garthand said:
<del>There's an unused [[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Letter_from_Jon|Letter from Jon]] (Battle-Born) which looks like it could have been pickpocketed off of Olfina and used to blackmail Jon during Missing in Action, similarly to the letter he carries from Olfina.</del>

Arthmoor said:
@Garth: That letter from Jon should already be added.

<del>New stuff:

http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Balgruuf_the_Greater - bottom of the page. Scene between Balgruuf and Vignar, but only if there's room in Vignar's schedule.</del>

Garthand said:
Tried combing this list and sorting out any realistic candidates: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unobtainable_Items

<del>Nord Hero Arrow (000eafdf) - Appears to be player-usable</del> <-- Added by USLEEP.

Necromantic Staff (000284f5) - UESP suggests it was intended to be placed for Wolf Queen Awakened. May not have an enchantment, but raise dead or whatever would be fitting.
Mantled College Robes (were these included in the robes/boots addition?)

Garthand said:

Potential quests (not sure if they're in good enough shape to restore):

<del>[[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unfinished_Quests#A_Bad_Trade|A Bad Trade]]</del> - Insufficient data, plus heavily conflicts with Jarl's quest.

<del>[[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unfinished_Quests#Lod.27s_Lot|Lod's Lot]]</del> - Previously rejected Doesn't fit the character.

<del>[[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unfinished_Quests#Runil.27s_Dark_Past|Runil's Dark Past]]</del> - Already restored.

<del>[[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unfinished_Quests#Trius.27_Trinket|Trius' Trinket]] - I think I've heard some discussion that this isn't in good enough shape to restore for one reason or another, not sure.</del> - Missing too many parts.

<del>Regarding the "Trick Shot" perk, would it be possible to have the perk perform a transmogrify-like effect on the enemy's weapon, but not the enemy? If so, you could have it turn an enemy's weapon into a septim or something, which they would have in their inventory, until it turned back into a weapon, at which point I assume they would re-equip it. Might be able to do that for the Disarm Shout too, again depending on if that kind of thing is even possible.</del> - Not worth the work involved and would likely cause more problems than it would solve.

Arthmoor said:
<del>Forsworn Warlord - apparently an unused higher level type of Forsworn.</del>

<del>Froa - Female child mentioned in Kynesgrove but never added to the game.</del>

Eternity said:
<del>T03KynarethReward perk, currently unused, I guess it was to be a reward after completing T03.</del>

<del>However the implementation of the perk is exactly the same as T02MaraReward, they both just give the PerkMara ability, so I don't know if it worths to add that.</del>

I don't know either if they planned on making this reward with the "good ending" of the quest or with both.</del>

Not useful since it's a duplicate of the actual reward.

Eternity said:
<del>The book DA13AfflictedLetter http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unsent_Afflicted_Letter%C2%A0 is only used in test cells.</del>

<del>I guess a good place to put this letter would be on those dwemer ruins where the Peryite cult is.</del>

Multiphor said:
There is a branch of dialogue for Boethiah's Champion that you're supposed to be able to use to talk to him before you kill him for the Ebony Mail armour in the 'Boethiah's Calling' quest. There is recorded dialogue for all topics. The lines are in the 'DA02ChampionBranch' in the 'DA02' quest. He attacks you on sight so you can never talk to him and hear the lines of dialogue. If you were to set the Champion's aggression setting to unaggressive or aggressive, it should allow you to talk to him.

<del>There is also a random encounter where a bandit is trying to get his victim to tell him where something he is looking for is. It is the 'WE01' quest.</del> Never mind. I suggested this one because I thought it was cut content rather than a bug and because of this, I didn't check for USKP bug reports first.

BlackPete said:
Multiphor, on 25 May 2015 - 12:44 PM, said:
There is also a random encounter where a bandit is trying to get his victim to tell him where something he is looking for is. It is the 'WE01' quest.

Arthmoor tried fixing that in the USKP (FS#16957) and it didn't work out so well. That particular encounter appears to be beyond repair which is unfortunate.

Multiphor said:
Dogs are supposed to have more follower options than just being able to tell them to wait or dismiss them. In the DialogueFollower quest, in the player dialogue tab are additional lines that were made, but seem to have been intentionally blocked from use in game. The 0002708D. 0002CCC5 and 0002708F topic infos all have a condition on them to check for stage 999, which doesn't exist in this quest and as such can't be used in game. I consider this cut content rather than a bug because the way the dog followers are in the vanilla game are fine as they are and the only options that you have makes sense and the fact that the developers intentionally set the topics infos I mentioned above to check for stage 999 that doesn't exist. If you were to remove the conditions on the topic infos that check for stage 999, the dialogue options will then show up like they should.

unknownG said:
Also there is a considerable amount of braided beards left out of the game as they only appear in the CK

Arthmoor said:
<del>From UESP:
<del>Lod is a part of three scenes, but all three take place in [[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Dead_Man%27s_Drink|Dead Man's Drink]], which he never visits. Two of these scenes also don't match his description and job, as he is implied to be a farmer living at "The Gentle Repose", and as he puts Dengeir in a bad light (although this may be jokingly).
The first scene is with [[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Mathies|Mathies]], containing two different lines for each, the first of which will only be said once:
**Lod**: "Mathies. I wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened to your girl." **Mathies**: "That's kind of you, Lod." Then subsequently would go as follows: **Lod**: "How's the Corpselight treating you Mathies?" **Mathies**: "You know how farming is here, long days and little to show for it."
The second scene is with [[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Tekla|Tekla]], in which his flirt towards her is denied:
**Lod**: "Ah Tekla, you're a pretty little mouse." **Tekla**: "Leave me alone, Lod." **Lod**: "Alright, but if you ever want to leave that old curmudgeon I've got plenty for you to do at Gentle Repose."
The third scene is with Bolund, where he is being ridiculed:
**Bolund**: "Hey, Lod, how is the worst farmer in the hold doing?" **Lod**: "The Gentle Repose is barren, it was barren the day my father claimed the land and it's barren now." **Bolund**: "Sure it is, Lod. Sure it is."</del>

Not going to use these.

Eternity said:
<del>Speaking of "The Gentle Repose", that place is also mentioned in the missing quest FreeformFalkreathQuest01, aka "Lod's Lot", in the LodBookOfferTopic02 topic.

That quest seems like it can be restored, but it shares the same problem as those scenes, Lod was supossed to be a different person. The quest misses the book Lod gives the player, but looking at the dialogue, intuition tell me it would have been just some valuable rare book (skill book?) already existing in the game. It doesn't seem like it would have been a specifc unique book.

Dialogue of that quest also suggests that Lod would be giving the player more stolen things later, but that doesn't seem to be implemented.

This Lod was more interesting than the one we got</del> :P

Not going to put this in.

Eternity said:
WISabotage. It is a quest that happens when player (or a npc) has sabotaged a sawmill, flour mill, smelter...

Now, I'm not sure if there is the functionality to sabotage flour mill or smelter works, but the functionality to sabotage sawmill seems to work... well... kind of. It just requires that you create an object/trigger box/whatever (or edit an existing one), attach ResourceObjectSabotageTriggerScript to it, and put as linked ref the saw mill resource object.

It is better to see it for yourself. Best example to see this quest is in the sawmill of Dragon Bridge, since there are lots of citizens and guards nearby.

Open Creation Kit, cell DragonBridgeExterior04, edit FarmBench01F: add the script ResourceObjectSabotageTriggerScript to it, and put as linked ref DragonBridgeSawMillResource. Now in game, go there and sit in the bench.

You will be prompted if you want to sabotage the sawmill. Answer yes. Now wait for the NPC there, Lodvar, to put a log and use the lever (it probably works if the player does it too). Near the end of the log cut animation, it gets broken! At that moment, WISabotage gets started.

The citizens and guards nearby will go there. They will do some comments (you will hear some one say "The flour mill!", but that's because Bethesda filled wrong the property ResourceType in the ResourceObjectSawMillScript attached to DragonBridgeSawmillResource, it should be "1", not "2";). The guards nearby will run a guard package with weapon drawn.

After some warnings, the guards attack... the sawmill owners! Which is, I guess, a bug.

Nico coiN said:
<del>As reported on UESP, [[http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Hillevi_Cruel-Sea|Hillevi Cruel-Sea]] is supposed to own several dogs, and one of them is called Ysgramor : she has some cut dialogues with Tulvur, never occuring as she never goes to the farm.

Scenes : DialogueHollyfrostFarmTulvurHilleviScene1 (00023ea9) and 2 (00023eab)</del>

Eternity said:
Someone at nexus reported this:

- Requirements to join the College of Winterhold (? he didn't give more info on that)
- Unused dialogue of Mirabelle in the "Notes" secition of uesp page: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Mirabelle_Ervine


That scene between Urag and Mirabelle is actually started by script (stage 0 of MG04), but it doesn't happen because Mirabelle didn't follow player to the Arcaneum.

The conversation about the dead members of synod is not really cut content, if you go back to the college at stage 30 of MG06, you could listen to that topic, but I guess most players have never seen this because they weren't told to go back to the college at that point. Maybe add an optional objective about that? Kind of like "(Optional) Report Mirabelle about the dead members of Synod" or something like that.

Eternity said:
<del>I found an unused contact in DBrecurring quest. The text that refers to him is in the Misc->(Sharedinfos) of the quest. The audio file is femaleuniquenightmother/dbrecurring__00087b6d_1.fuz

"You must speak with the Farmhand at Chillfurrow farm."

It looks like it was meant to be another contact for the quest. The text/audio is missing the remaining repetitive text of the Night Mother "Accept his gold, then kill the target.", but that can be easily added with simple audio engineering.

The NPC itself doesn't exist, it would have to be created.</del>

Not feasible to restore due to missing audio. "Engineering" a proper sample would sound terrible.

Arthmoor said:

In game data, after exiting Helgen, there are two dialogue options to reply to Hadvar saying: "//It's probably best if we split up. Good luck. I wouldn't have made it without your help today.//" These options are not normally available in game though.

The first of the options is for you to say: **"Sounds good. Let's go."**, to which Hadvar will reply: "//Stick close. Damn rebels could be anywhere. Don't worry, though. General Tullius will have them on the run soon enough.//"
The second is to say: **"I think I'll make my own way from here."** and Hadvar will tell you: "//If I make it back to Solitude, I'll put in a good word for you with General Tullius. The Legion could sure use someone like you. Good luck.//"

Arthmoor said:
<del>A line from Potema's summoning scene in MS06Start can be restored.</del>

Implemented in CRF 2.0.3.

Arthmoor said:
<del>Xander has an unused batch of conversation:


Restored with CRF 2.0.3.

unknownG said:
The khajiit caravans originally had or rode horses, there exists a horse corresponding to each caravan along the lines of CaravanHorseA/B/C

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