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Issue Data
Status: Closed
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Component: Fallout 4: Vanilla
Category: Perks & Stats
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: Windows PC
Severity: Low
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By TehRoast92 on Jun 23, 2016 12:23 pm
Last Edited By BlackPete on Nov 12, 2016 8:38 am
Closed By Arthmoor on Oct 19, 2017 3:41 pm
Resolution: Can't Fix - Engine Issue

Issue #20767: Revamped Survival Perception Stat Bug on Xbox 1

I have been playing the game for a while now on the revamped survival mode. My character is level 67 with all ten ranks in each of the 7 SPECIAL stat perks. Once I had reached rank ten with my perception I had gone out to collect the bobble head to push my stat up from 10 to 11 however when I did collect the bobble head and checked I found that my Perception read (-)2. I reloaded from the last save and checked my stats to find without the bobble head my Perception read (-)1. This is all wrong. I've looked up how this could occur and found two possibilities. The first one was a debuff caused by concussion (Crippled Head) and could be fixed by re-crippling the head and then healing, unfortunately this did not work. The other possibility is that it was caused by a hunger/thirst debuff. I do recall VERY early in the game (Approximately at level 5) I had grown hungry/starving and thirsty/mildly dehydrated which would have pushed my perception below 0 at the time. My best guess is that the hunger/thirst debuff pushed my perception past 0[Showing as(-)1] causing it to never properly recover. I ask that you PLEASE try to give this bug a fix. You're UFO4P is my only hope at this point.

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2 comment(s) [Closed]
TehRoast92 said:
I have been able to recreate the issue. Starting a new character with perception of 5 I allowed myself to become dehydrated setting my stat value to (-)1 with the debuff active in the 'active effects' section in the pip boy. After rehydrating both in the pip boy and through the quick use favorites '+' I found that in both cases I was able to remove the debuff from the 'active effects' but my stats remained a (-)1.

Arthmoor said:
Unfortunately survival mode buffs and debuffs becoming permanent is not something we can fix. It's an engine issue Bethesda needs to take up.

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