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Issue Data
Status: Investigating
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Component: Skyrim SE: Vanilla
Category: Quests
Assigned To: Arthmoor
Platform: All
Severity: High
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By Bane7722 on Nov 1, 2016 12:39 pm
Last Edited By Arthmoor on Sep 26, 2017 8:10 pm

Issue #21367: House Gray-Mane locked, picking lock makes Fralia and Avulstein hostile, can't continue quest

Hey, made an account here after downloading some mods in Skyrim SE for XB1 and downloaded the USSEP, found a bug in the quest Missing in Action where after Fralia tells you to meet her at House Gray-Mane it is always locked. Picking the lock does allow you to get some of the quest audio but after a little, Fralia will call the guards. Tried to blow through the conversation as quickly as possible which allowed me to continue the quest, but after finding the evidence in the Battle-Born house, when trying to give it to Avulstein all he remarks is "You shouldn't be here" over and over. Looked around on the web and the only solutions I could find were through the use of Console Commands, which since I'm on Xbox, I don't have access to. Anyway, I'd appreciate any help on the matter greatly.



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BlackPete said:
Are you trying to get into the house during the nighttime hours?

If so, you'll need to try again during the daytime.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what could cause this to happen.

Bane7722 said:
Hey BlackPete, thanks for responding, but no it's locked 24/7. Daytime as well. I figured something like that would happen at night but when I tried it again in the morning and afternoon, still nothing. I also read somewhere about traveling to another hold and staying there a few days would fix it but nope, still nothing unfortunately. I also remember reading in the same topic that it may have something to do with USSEP, so that's why I made an account here.

Dwarfmp said:
I've noticed too that both doors are locked, but I don't have a problem with trespassing.

I also need to add that I had posted a ticket in the past on the issue that Fralia leads you to the back door of the house, while their placement inside suggests you should have entered through the front door. This was addressed, I believe, in one of the USKP versions, presumably v2.0.9 that changes the navmesh path for preferred door. I think Fralia enters the front door since, but does not unlock the front door, and the back door too is locked this way. So I can't help but feel a bit guilty for your problems because of, basically, my nitpicking.

BlackPete said:
@ Dwarfmp: I don't think that the fix you're referring to that was done in a previous update is the cause of the problem mentioned in this ticket since I've not had any such problem and neither have any of the other project members who tested the fix.

@Connor: Assuming you're still watching this ticket. Could you please list the mods you're using in the order that you have them sorted?

BlackPete said:
The first fix wasn't retroactive:
//Missing in Action (MS09) could end up with the doors to House Gray-Mane becoming locked if the player waits too long to meet with Fralia. This would in turn cause them to flag the player as trespassing. Avulstein's sandbox package inside the home did not have conditions set to stop it once the quest had been officially started. (Bug #17127, Bug #17144) [NR]//

And then again:
//Bad preferred navmesh paths in Whiterun appear to have caused Fralia to enter her home through the wrong door during Missing in Action, and may have contributed to why Belethor routinely enters his shop from the rear door for no apparent reason. In both instances, the preferred door was marked on the rear side of the building. (Bug #18616, Bug #16301)//

Going to leave this open for Arthmoor to look at, but it's possible there might not be anything further that can be done if it refuses to cooperate.

BlackPete said:
I ran through this quest and was unable to reproduce the issue. The most likely scenario is that the patch was not activated when a new game was started (or maybe is not active at all).

Arthmoor said:
I'm reopening this ticket in anticipation of getting a save file from Dwip since he's run into this issue and is willing to provide us one.

Dwip said:
As related in the chat:

1. Started Missing in Action and left it on the "go meet Fralia in her house" stage for ages and ages. Probably prior to installing the patch.
2. Picked up a Vex radiant burglary quest for House Gray-Mane.
3. Wandered up to the door, over a full day of waiting it never unlocked.
4. Broke in. Fralia/Avulstein begin their quest scene but quickly devolve into "You're not supposed to be in here!" I leave.
5. I come back in. "You're not supposed to be in here!" I leave.
6. I come back in. Avulstein tells me to go get evidence, then goes straight back to trespassing dialogue. I leave.

Haven't attempted to continue the quest. Attached save from just before the first break in.

Attached Files:


Comment #8 Sep 26, 2017 8:20 pm  Edited by Dwip on Sep 26, 2017 8:21 pm
bombastus said:
My current hypothesis is that the scene is fired at stage 10 overriding the sandbox package somehow. And if the player hasn't followed her and instead let doors/cells respawn, there's nothing to keep the doors open. The lack of locklist probably doesn't help.

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