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Issue Data
Status: Closed
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Component: Fallout 4: Vanilla
Category: Placed References
Assigned To: BlackPete
Platform: All
Severity: Very Low
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By BlackPete on Feb 9, 2020 12:24 am
Last Edited By BlackPete on Jan 10, 2021 9:18 am
Closed By BlackPete on Feb 26, 2020 2:47 am
Resolution: Fixed
Comment: Fixed for UFO4P 2.1.1.

Issue #28582: Placement issues at ArcJet Systems

00050CF9, 00050CFA, 00050D02, 00050D04, 00050D08, 00050D0C, 00050D13, 00050D14, 00050D1F, 00050D20, 00050D22, 00050D23, 00050D24, 0005381F, 000539AC, 000539C0, 000539D6, 000539F3, 000539FC, 00054421, 00054479, 000544DB, 000544DE, 00054531, 0005453B, 0005454B, 0005454C, 00054552, 0005456B, 0005456A, 0005457B, 0005457E, 0005459A, 0005459B, 0005459C, 0005459D, 0005459F, 000545BB, 000545BC, 000545E8, 0005460A, 0005460C, 0005460D, 00054612, 00054629, 00054633, 00054635, 00054636, 00054637, 00054638, 00054639, 00054645, 00054646, 00054647, 0005466B, 00054670, 00054671, 000DB596, 000DB597, 000DCF9D, 000DF84C, 000DF84D, 000DF84F, 000DF851, 000DF852, 000DF857, 000F9CD6, 0017CE1E, 0017CE20, 001BBE3E, 001DE2CE, 001DFB33, 001DFB34, 001DFB43, 001DFB61, 001E1DF5, 001E1DF6, 001E1E15, 001E1E5B, 001E1EC4, 001E1EC6, 001E376B, 001E3775, 001E3789, 001E37A9, 001E37B0, 001E4A1A, 001E4A1C, 001E4A46, 001E4A51, 001E4A61: Misplaced junk items.

00050CFD, 00054474, 0005447A, 00054545, 00054596, 000545A6, 000545C3, 0005460F, 00054611, 00054634, 001D9A07, 001DFB1F, 001E1DFB, 001E35A5, 001E35A6, 001E35A7, 001E49E8: Misplaced plastic bins.

00050D0D, 00054605, 00054619: Misplaced burnt magazine.

00050D1D, 00050D1E, 00050D27, 00050D28, 00050D29, 0005339D, 0005339E, 000544DF, 000544FE, 0005455A, 0005455B, 00054566, 00054567, 0005457A, 000545F5, 0005463D, 0005463E, 00054659, 0005465A, 00248CAB: Misplaced folders.

0005440E, 001DFB3C, 001DFB3D, 001E353B, 001E4A0A: Misplaced trash containers. {Two of these reverted for UFO4P 2.1.3 -- Issue #29506}

00054644, 000DF85A, 000DF85B, 000DF85C, 0017CDEB, 0017CDEC, 001DFB49, 001E37C9, 001E37CA: Misplaced consumables.

00081FCD, 00081FD2, 000820A7: Cars not havok settled properly.

000DB582, 000DB5C3, 000DB637, 000DB638, 000DB639, 0011C411, 0011C432, 0011C450, 0011C4DE, 0011C51E, 0011D7BB, 001DE2CE: Misplaced metal trash cans.

000DB635, 000DB636: Cabinets clipping into wall.

000DB70D: Misplaced cooler.

000DB70E: Misplaced safe.

000DB711, 001E35FC: Misplaced toolbox.

000DB71A, 000E78EB, 001E3639, 00203D55: Misplaced traffic cones.

000DCF08, 000DCF09, 000DCF0A, 000DCF0B, 000DCF0C, 000DCF0D, 000DCF90, 000DCF91, 000DCF92, 000DCF93, 000DCF94, 000DCF95: Misplaced dummy Nuka-Cola bottles in vending machines.

000DD742: Misplaced duffle bag.

000DD74A: Misplaced tool case.

000DF829: Misplaced first aid box.

0011C507, 0011C508, 0011C536, 0011D6CE, 0011D6D1, 0011D6D2, 0011D6D9, 0011D780, 0011D796, 0011D799, 0011D7BD, 001E3620: Misplaced wood boxes.

0011D6C4, 0011D6D3, 0011D6D4, 0011D6D5, 0011D6DA, 0011D6DB, 0011D6DE, 0011D6DF, 0011D6E3, 0011D6E4, 0011D795: Misplaced wood crates.

0011F87B: Misplaced oxygen tank.

0017CE21, 0017CE23: Misplaced flammable barrels.

0017CE26: Misplaced fragmentation mine.

00184D96: Misplaced perk magazine.

001A7058: Misplaced weapons workbench.

001C142D: Misplaced Fat Man.

001D9A0C, 001D9A0E, 001E1E2C, 001E1E2F, 001E1E45, 001E1E4E, 001E1E4F, 001E1E6C, 001E1EA2, 001E1EA3, 001E3522, 001E356A, 001E36DC, 001E36F9, 001E36FA, 001E36FB, 001E36FD, 001E36FE, 001E36FF, 001E3716, 001E374F, 001E3750, 001E4A0B, 001E4A0C, 001E4A0D, 001E4A0E, 001E4A0F, 001E4A10, 00248CBD: Misplaced boxes.

001E1E5A: Floating bobby pin box.

001E49E1, 001E49E3: Misplaced hard hats.

0020A223: Floating holotape.

002154FA: Misplaced Stealth Boy.

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