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Issue Data
Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Component: Skyrim SE: Vanilla
Category: Magic
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: All
Severity: Low
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By SonicRay on May 16, 2020 11:44 am

Issue #29067: Vision of the Tenth Eye flicker when activating and deactivating


I was messing around with my own mod again and decided to check out if Vision of the Tenth Eye was fixed by my previous fix (Issue #29046). Turns out it doesn't. The problem lies in both the magic effect (MGRitual02Effect: 000B323F) and the script it uses (MGRitual02EffectScript).

The fix for the magic effect is simple:

1. Go to MGRitual02Effect.

2. Go to the Papyrus Scripts section and click on properties.

3. Change the 'fDelay' property to '0.96'.

Notes on magic effect fix:

This will match the delay of (NightEyeEffect: 0006B10C).

The fix for the script was a little more complicated:

1. Open up MGRitual02EffectScript.psc.

2. [Original Line: 34] Remove the line 'fDelay = 0.83'

3, [Original Line: 37] Remove the line 'fDelay=0'

3. [Original Line: 38] Replace 'introFX.remove() ; remove initial FX' with 'introFX.PopTo(MainFX)'

4. [Original Line: 64, 65 and 66] Replace introFX.remove() and mainFX.remove() and OutroFX.apply() with mainFX.PopTo(OutroFX)

6. Compile and your done.

Notes on script fix:

Step 2: Makes it impossible to properly fix this issue so I got rid of that.

Step 3: I don't see any reason for the 'fDelay=0' line to exist so I removed it. I believe it is redundant as it doesn't do anything (perhaps they were trying to delay how quickly the books appeared and wanted to have them phase in slowly?). Tested it with/without (completed the quest) and found no difference.

Step 4: Allows for a much more efficient effect transition (I discovered it while looking at the Night Eye Script (magicNightEyeScript)).

Important Note:

This entire fix requires my fix for Issue #29046 in order to work, otherwise it will do nothing. I have tested this fix at various framerates (20-144 fps) and have completed the Illusion Ritual Spell quest with no issues.

I have attached the script; pex file and my .esp fix for issue #29046 in an archive for your convenience. Also included in that archive, is another archive for easy mod manager installation and testing.

Keep up the great work :).



Here is the fixed script in full if you want to gloss over it:

Scriptname MGRitual02EffectScript extends ActiveMagicEffect

{Scripted effect for the Spell Associated with MGRitual02}


float property fDelay auto
{time to wait before switching to constant Imod}
ImageSpaceModifier property IntroFX auto
{IsMod applied at the start of the spell effect}
ImageSpaceModifier property MainFX auto
{main isMod for spell}
ImageSpaceModifier property OutroFX auto
{IsMod applied at the end of the spell effect}
sound property IntroSoundFX auto ; create a sound property we'll point to in the editor
sound property OutroSoundFX auto ; create a sound property we'll point to in the editor

; Obtain the target of the active fire effect


Event OnEffectStart(Actor Target, Actor Caster)

int instanceID = IntroSoundFX.play((target as objectReference)) ; play IntroSoundFX sound from my self
introFX.apply() ; apply isMod at full strength
utility.wait(fDelay) ; NOTE - neccessary?

MGRitual02QuestScript QuestScript = RitualQuest as MGRitual02QuestScript

QuestScript.SpellActive =1


Event OnEffectFinish(Actor Target, Actor Caster)

MGRitual02QuestScript QuestScript = RitualQuest as MGRitual02QuestScript

QuestScript.SpellActive =0

int instanceID = OutroSoundFX.play((target as objectReference)) ; play OutroSoundFX sound from my self


Quest Property RitualQuest Auto

ReferenceAlias Property Book01 Auto

ReferenceAlias Property Book02 Auto

ReferenceAlias Property Book03 Auto

ReferenceAlias Property Book04 Auto

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SonicRay said:
Mistakenly loaded Update.esm as a master to VisionoftheTenthEyeFlickerFix.esp. Don't think it matters but here's an updated archive anyway.

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