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Issue Data
Status: Fix Pending
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Component: Fallout 4: Vanilla
Category: Text
Assigned To: BlackPete
Platform: All
Severity: Very Low
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By Iniquitatis on Aug 24, 2020 4:23 am
Last Edited By BlackPete on Aug 30, 2020 4:02 am

Issue #29244: *Actions*


I hope the following batch of nitpicks will prove itself useful and will prevent similar reports for some time.

[QUST:0013A176] ConvDiamondCityGenericDoctorSun02Crocker
[INFO:0013A1AB] It's Doctor Sun! *Sigh* What is it?

[QUST:001157B2] BoSDialoguePlayerHellos
[INFO:00169CEB] *Sigh* Is this going to take much longer?

[QUST:000E7725] holdupquest
[INFO:001DE553] *Insect Clicking* Attack!
[INFO:001DE556] *Insect Buzzing* Kill! Infest!
[INFO:001DE55B] *Bear Growling* Attack!
[INFO:001DE576] *Insect Clicking* You ready?
[INFO:001DE577] *Insect Clicking* You ready?
[INFO:001DE578] *Insect Buzzing* You ready?
[INFO:001DE579] *Bear Growling* You ready?

[QUST:000BBD9B] COMDeacon
[INFO:000F7782] *Convulsions*

[QUST:000BBD95] ComX688
[INFO:001887C4] Feeling queasy? *Chuckle*

[QUST:000AE51C] BoS301
[INFO:000B2F33] *Sigh* Obviously you're not here to bring me a message from Doctor Duff, so why don't you tell me the real reason you've tracked me down.

[QUST:000A5160] AO_Comment_Dialogue
[INFO:0018866D] So this is the treasure. *Laughs* Come on... it's almost too funny not to laugh about.
[INFO:00188BCD] *Yawn* Yup, this is really fascinating. Can we stay longer?
[INFO:00188CA5] Hey look, it's the Brotherhood of Squeal! *Laughs*
[INFO:001891B7] *Sniff* It's nothing... just got something in my eye.
[INFO:001891F0] Make sure you search the entire cabin Thoreau-ly. *Laughs* No?
[INFO:001891BF] *Sigh* I hope you know what you're doin'.
[INFO:001891CE] Let me guess... you're going to make us climb this entire building. *Sigh*
[INFO:0018917B] Tunnel snakes rule! *Laugh* Sorry, heard that a long time ago.

[QUST:000986C7] InstM01
[INFO:000997C4] *Sigh* How unsurprising.

[QUST:0007921A] COMCait
[INFO:001896B5] *Cough* The hell is that awful stench?
[INFO:001896F6] *Coughs* This place is filthy.

[QUST:000684D1] RETravelSC01_DN123SkylanesPointer
[INFO:000CAB53] *Hmph*

[QUST:0005E63E] DialogueInstitute
[INFO:000D13B8] *Sigh* All of my work is important.

[QUST:00047917] REAssaultSC01_DN123SkylanesAssault
[INFO:000CAB61] *Hmph*
[INFO:000CB216] *Hmph*

[QUST:0004542B] DN049
[INFO:00157A17] *Sigh*

[QUST:0004402C] BoSM02
[INFO:000C1794] *Sigh*

[QUST:00027411] COMMacCreadyQuest
[INFO:001965DC] *Laughs* Glad you enjoyed it.

[QUST:00022A08] MS17
[INFO:0007C774] *Painful cry* *Crying* I said... Catcher. Catcher... P-Please... *Moan*

[QUST:0002074B] CZ
[INFO:0010C76D] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C76E] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C76F] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C770] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C771] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C772] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C773] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C774] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C776] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C777] *Laughing*
[INFO:0010C779] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C77A] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C77B] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C77C] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C77D] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C77E] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C77F] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C780] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C781] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C782] *Booing*
[INFO:0010C783] *Hissing*
[INFO:0010C784] *Hissing*
[INFO:0010C785] *Hissing*
[INFO:0010C795] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C796] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C797] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C798] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C799] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C79A] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C79B] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C79C] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C79D] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C79E] *Shouting approval*
[INFO:0010C7A0] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A1] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A2] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A3] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A4] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A5] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A6] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A7] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A8] *Whistling*
[INFO:0010C7A9] *Whistling*

[QUST:0104B128] DLC03_V118_QuestHookRE2
[INFO:0104B139] *Bleep Bloop*

[QUST:0304804C] DLC03_AO_Comment_Dialogue
[INFO:010480A0] *Sniff* Smell that? Lobster. Caught my share of 'em, but I was always more keen on huntin' than fishin'.
[INFO:010480A5] *Low whistle* Well now, how'd you like to eat your kibble in here?

[QUST:03043822] DLC03MQ02Fight
[INFO:01043837] *Roar*
[INFO:010481C6] *Sigh...* All right.

[QUST:03006E55] DLC03_COMOldLongfellow
[INFO:01012FA7] *Sigh* I should know better, but maybe I'm just getting' soft in my old age.

[QUST:03004F2C] DLC03MQPostQuest
[INFO:01037C41] *Sigh* God, this has all been so much more complicated than I expected...

[QUST:03001B40] DLC03MQ02
[INFO:01020E59] *Roar*
[INFO:01048A8B] *Scream in the distance*

[QUST:01056C74] DLC04HubRaiderCombatReactions
[INFO:01056C90] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056C91] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056C92] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056C93] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056C94] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056C95] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056C96] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056C97] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056C98] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056C99] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056C9A] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056C9B] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056C9C] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056C9D] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056C9E] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056C9F] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056CA0] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056CA1] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056CA2] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056CA3] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056CA4] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056CA5] *Cheering*
[INFO:01056CA6] *Laughing*
[INFO:01056CA7] *Laughing*

[QUST:0104B525] DLC04SettlementSS3
[INFO:0104B541] *Laughing*
[INFO:0104B542] *Laughing*

[QUST:0603684F] DLC04_KiddieKingdomMain
[INFO:0103E59B] *Growl*
[INFO:0103E59A] *Angry Growl*
[INFO:0103E597] *Growl*
[INFO:0103E59F] *Growl*

[QUST:060260E2] DLC04SafariAdventureQuest
[INFO:0103AC58] *Gorilla noises*
[INFO:0103AC38] *Gorilla noises*
[INFO:0103AC39] *Gorilla noises*
[INFO:0103AC3A] *Gorilla noises*
[INFO:0103ABF2] *Gorilla sounds*
[INFO:01042420] *Sigh* I knew this would be a pain in the ass.

[QUST:0601110B] DLC04Holotapes
[INFO:010439DE] Sigh. Fine. *Clears Throat*
[INFO:010439E4] *Psst* Chipmunk! Tell them what our name means!

[QUST:06000808] DLC04Grandchester
[INFO:01040D08] *Laughter*

[QUST:06000801] DLC04MQ01
[INFO:0100A622] *Halfhearted Applause*
[INFO:0100A628] *Wild Cheering and Howling*
[INFO:0100A630] *Hesitant Cheering*
[INFO:0100A62E] *Uncertain Murmur*
[INFO:0100D36F] *Shocked Gasps*
[INFO:010417F6] *Static*
[INFO:010417F0] *Static*