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Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Component: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Category: Quests
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: All
Severity: Medium
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Opened By DayDreamer on Oct 12, 2020 12:13 am

Issue #29336: MGCollegeLectureInfos still has script problems

Looking at the current 4.2.3 source, there's still a few issues in the code. If all the lecturers are dead, it will infinite loop. If all but one of the lecturers are dead, it will infinite loop after they've given their lecture. If the random value is the same too many times (truly random values will repeat), it will infinite loop. Just basic defensive programming.

Although its values are only 0 and 1, ScenePicked is int (not bool) . Easily changed to a counter up to 8 without significant problems.

The vanilla script checked for time from 12 to 13. The current script is >=12 && <14. But Colette originally ran at 13, now checks for >= 14 just like the rest of them. So the check should probably be >=13 && <14.

Also, there's a small logic interaction error between the QF_MGCollegeLectures_000E0C67 and the MGCollegeLecturesQuestScript. Shroob's change to the former starts the update loop one hour after the player joins the college (according to comments). Instead, should calculate how many hours until noon.

Finally, if the player isn't present at the college, it shouldn't run at all. Running scenes and constant updates in the background for most of the game is the very definition of save bloat. But that might need a change to how the quest is started?

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DayDreamer said:
Testing found that the vanilla time checks from 12 to 13 worked better than USKP 12 to 14 (AFAICT getting there before 14 to see them). More folks seem to arrive given a longer time window before starting the lecture.

Left Shroob's QF_MGCollegeLectures_000E0C67 change, but fixed typo. The change from 30 seconds (too short for the students and Tolfdir to leave the hall) to 1 hour seems so much more than enough. Never-the-less, after all these years it is what it is.

Put my suggested calculation in the MGCollegeLecturesQuestScript. The scenes all use 12 hour delay. Shroob used 1 hour. This syncs them up after 2 updates.

Fixed all the infinite loops. Added seen flags for each scene, so that the number of times through the loop is deterministic. Also ensures that every scene is shown, stilll in random order. The player may not be there, but it will be run.

This doesn't have any other changes as to how the quest is started. Nobody commented on that over on the forum, so I've left it for now. Still runs in the background without stopping. But any problems with a scene causes the whole kit and kaboodle to stop forever....

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