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Status: Closed
Issue Type: Feature Request
Project: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Component: Skyrim SE: Vanilla
Category: Meshes
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: All
Severity: Low
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By Fugus on Mar 19, 2021 2:03 pm
Last Edited By BlackPete on Mar 21, 2021 9:16 am
Closed By Arthmoor on Apr 17, 2021 9:27 pm
Resolution: Not Feasible

Issue #29845: Potential Mesh fixes to include in future patches

wSkeever has posted a bug fix mod "Assorted Mesh Fixes"
It is based off your meshes but adds in missing flags where they are supposed to cast shadows and fixes some Depth of Field issues. It is a pretty new mod and has USSEP as a base so I don't think they have been added to your current release.

Also, potentially from Dlizzio, also some mesh fixes.

Then an old one, "Unofficial Material Fix"

And one more from Wizkid34
Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes"

Sorry if these have been brought to your attention before, but they seem something the mod would want to include in future releases as they don't add anything new, just fixes.


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Arthmoor said:
We're not inclined to take bulk reports like this. For one thing, most if not all of the actual changes being done are not properly documented. We need to know exactly what people claim is wrong, which is why we have this tracker.

I have no idea what wSkeever thinks is wrong, he hasn't gone into enough detail on what changed, but at least he has a proper list of the files he's edited.

Dizzio's description reads like a bunch of subjective things, and his pictures are definitely not of vanilla material.

The materials fix mod is hit and miss, and we've corrected numerous example of missing sounds already in the patch.

We don't take landscape record edits so Wizkid's mod isn't appropriate for inclusion. Those kinds of edits are just too much of a hassle for compatibility, and many of his fixes aren't even mod friendly when used with other mods.

Besides, from what I can gather reading between the lines, a lot of these mesh fixes "fix" things only because ENB isn't processing them correctly to start with. We don't answer to what ENB does to the game as it's not vanilla.

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