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Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Component: Fallout 4: Automatron DLC
Category: Actors
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: All
Severity: Very Low
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Opened By Lone_Wolf on Apr 1, 2021 3:23 pm

Issue #30107: Theadore Collins killed in Automatron attack. Possibly not a Bug.

Funny thing happened last play through, went to do the "Longneck Lukowski' Quest". So i go to the Cannery I heard shooting behind the Cannery as I approached, at the RE just behind the Cannery location, disregarded it. Go inside and guess who followed me...
So after Rylee and I killed them, but not before they took out Theodore Collins. I just stood there for a minute thinking what do I do now. Since I though you had to complete the side quest to get the Bobble head and magazine. i.e. the up stairs office would be locked. But apparently you can just go on into the cannery area where the cannery robots are at, go up to that office and get the Bobble head and magazine,

I reloaded twice at Finch farm which is where I started from and both times either Robots or Rust Devils spawned at the RE and followed me into the Cannery Theodore never survived the encounter. The only way to prevent it was to engage them before entering.
Not sure if this should be fixed, as it adds randomness to the game? Otherwise, it seems that Theodore should be marked protected maybe temporarily, until he locks you in the basement?

Side note: I tested this after I engaged the enemies prior to entering the Cannery. You can just go into the Cannery ignore Theodore and Rylee get the bobble head and magazine and leave apparently. So Theodore being dead due to enemy's following you into the load zone, or due to the player action does not prevent the player from being able to collect the Bobble head and magazine.
I did not test to see if there are other conditions outside of escaping from the basement that the Cannery robots would be come hostile, all I can say is that if he dies due to actions outside the players control they do not seem to care.

However, one downside to Theodore being killed by other enemies and not the player, is that if the player had intended to spare him. You can do this by getting close to him and engaging him in conversation (after escaping from the basement). He will offer to give you a split of the profits from his Cannery. Such that you can return to the Cannery periodically throughout a play thru to collect your share of the profits. Possible justification for marking him as protected?


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Lone_Wolf said:
Correction you do have to wait until Theodore and Rylee scene ends to go get the bobble head and magazine.

BlackPete said:
It seems like to me the developers should have disabled that random encounter spawn point nearby until after the quest is completed to avoid potential problems like this from occurring. I was unaware that RE-related NPCs could pass through doors into interior cells without unloading the encounter, but given that it's a Bethesda game I probably shouldn't be surprised that it can happen.

Comment #2 Apr 2, 2021 3:05 am  Edited by BlackPete on Apr 3, 2021 2:39 am
Lone_Wolf said:
I have to admit it was pretty funny though.
The first time I played Nuka World, I had that happen in Kiddie Kingdom, where I sprinted past all the ghouls outside the Theater where you do the first of 2 boss fights. All those ghouls followed me into the load zone, I died quickly.
I think Skyrim will do it as well.

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