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Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Open Cities Skyrim
Component: Skyrim Special Edition
Category: NPCs / AI
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: Windows PC
Severity: Medium
Votes: 1
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Opened By KhrysINXS on Jan 16, 2023 11:02 pm

Issue #32729: 01) WindmillTower to DocksDoor NPC Disappear 02) Triggerbox Teleporting NPCs Where Its Not Intended

So, in short and in order.

About the bugs found in OCS.
1) A bug with the door in the Windmill tower (occurs not always, rarely, maybe in one case out of 10 the door works correctly. )
I discovedre and Drengin has replicated it
2) Bug with the disappearance of the NPC. (trigger USSEPBug28829NPCFailsafeDUPLICATE001)
Discovered by Drengin. Untested by me but provided is attached fix plugin

NPCs cannot go through the door in the Windmill tower.
The NPC can disappear under the Lower Gate arch when moving away from the city.
The NPC disappears on the bridge in the docks, moving towards the north.
The NPC disappears, moving from the lighthouse in the direction of the city, passing the pirate ship and a little before reaching the Rock Arch.
Other NPCs may also disappear in these places.
I personally believe its something to do with auto-load-doors sending the NPC to same space or close proximity whether it s a vertical z-axis thing or just being close.

I have made a Door-to Door-teleport in some my own works changing the baseform of the auto-load door.
Door in Windmill Tower to the Docks Door. Years have past and never occured since

I used the player.moveto command, which teleported me to the mercenaries. They ended up in home taverns, where their reference is located. (in two experiments Belrand ended up on the street, apparently he started moving towards me while I was typing the command).

I opened Open Cities Skyrim.esp in CK and looked at what is in these places.
And there is a USSEPBug28829NPCFailsafeDUPLICATE001 trigger that runs the following script

Scriptname USSEP_SolitutdeNPCFailsafeScript extends ObjectReference  
Event OnTriggerEnter( ObjectReference akActor )
if( akActor != Game.GetPlayer() )

This trigger seems to be meant to save NPCs that fall down of the city and die. Unfortunately, the trigger box is made too big and NPCs will activate it when moving on roads and streets.
To test, I removed this trigger, and the problem disappeared as expected.


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KhrysINXS said:
Just another form of reference to more easily see Solitude Exterior simuated and dupped inside of an interior Cell space and how the USSEPBug28829NPCFailsafeDUPLICATE001 sits with Solitude Skyway as example.
I will be raising the lower z bound of the trigger box up above the Skyway stretch until this is remedied

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