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Issue Data
Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Component: Fallout 4: Vanilla
Category: Textures & Materials
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: XBox One/Series X
Severity: Medium
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By cn2r3e4b3m on Apr 11, 2023 11:54 am

Issue #32869: Metal objects? seem to lose their reflections often?

Metal objects seem to lose their reflections often? I'm not sure what's happening exactly, the more I compare and closely look at the images it seems like something is missing from more than just metal objects, I was not able to find a way to reliably reproduce this bug every time, but usually after restarting the console and loading up a save and then quitting the game and loading back in once or twice the reflections? would be gone. I have reinstalled Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. without any mods, I also used a new save file. I tested and the issue still seems to occur with UFO4P installed too.

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oddlittleturtle said:
I'm not on the patch team, but can you specify which Xbox version you're using so the team will know?
Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X?

Are the metal textures of the vault sinks also weird? Do your character's eyes glow purple? (glowing purple was a bug that was supposed to be fixed in 2017 by Bethesda that would occur after loading an autosave after one of their updates went weird. I'm only asking just in case G.O.T.Y. reintroduced it somehow. If the eyes are glowing, the team may not be able to do anything about it on their end.)

cn2r3e4b3m said:
Yes, I must have accidentally removed that from the post while I was writing it. I'm on the original Xbox One, the Vault Sinks are affected, but my character does not appear to have glowing purple eyes in the customization screen or in game. I tested this on vanilla with a new save.

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cn2r3e4b3m said:
Oops oversight, the bug was not active in the eyes image but that is still how they look in game when it is. I've attached another image of the eyes in case, where the bug is active.

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