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Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Starfield Patch
Component: Starfield: Vanilla
Category: Perks & Skills
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: All
Severity: High
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By Argonil on Oct 29, 2023 9:23 pm

Issue #33599: Skill Fixes: A collection of perk fixes.

I've made a mod that fixes nearly all perk issues in the game. I've attached a stripped-down version which only contains changes that are suited for inclusion in the Unofficial Patch.

Link to Nexus page: https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/5660?tab=posts&BH=0

Changelog for the attached plugin:

Armor Penetration: Now works for melee weapons (excluding unarmed attacks.)

Automated Weapon Systems: Appears to work for all weapons even though it's only supposed to work for turrets. Added the missing condition.

Concealment: No longer overrides the magazine perks from Va'ruun scriptures or interferes with Void Form. Void Form, Concealment and Chameleon will seamlessly switch between their effects, with Void Form taking priority. (Note: Chameleon is probably not supposed to stack with itself, but the players love it. I can provide a fix if you want to risk the ire of the playerbase.)

Lasers: No longer affects particle weapons. (Expect complaints.)

Leadership: Fixed a bug that caused ranks 2-4 to only provide +15% companion affinity gain instead of +25%. Companion quests will also trigger properly. (The multiplier somehow affected the binary flags in the records under Condition Forms, so instead of getting a value of 1 they'd be at 1.15, and the conditions only checked if the value was Equal To 1. The fix sets the comparisons to Greater Than or Equal To.)

Martial Arts: Now properly adds a flat +15% crit chance to unarmed attacks instead of multiplying your base 5% crit chance by 1.15. Ranks 3-4 also have a 15% chance to disarm as intended. (Was 5%)

Particle Beams: Now properly adds a flat +5% crit chance, instead of multiplying your base 5% crit chance by 1.05.

Pistol Certification: Now properly adds a flat +25% crit chance for 5 seconds after killing an enemy, instead of multiplying your base 5% crit chance by 1.25.

Rapid Reloading: Now works while throwables are equipped.

Rejuvenation: Fixed health regeneration in combat not working. Ranks 3 and 4 now allow you to regenerate health half as fast in combat, which is what the developers intended. (Both rank 3 and 4 should use a value of 0.5 for the secondary effect, seeing as it is a combat-only multiplier rather than a separate heal rate.)

Shield Systems: Can no longer increase shields beyond the intended amount. (The bug where it reduces shields is still present, see the sticky post on Skill Fixes for a comprehensive explanation!)

Targeting: Fixed a bug that made the increased weapon range not take effect at rank 3 only.

Targeting Control Systems: Now properly adds a flat +10% crit chance at rank 4. (Rank 3 already did.)

Gunslinger's Guide and Mining Monthly magazine perks no longer count toward the skill total for the Combat tree.

Attached Files:

SkillFixes - Unofficial Patch.7z


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Argonil said:
Also this:

Cellular Regeneration: Rank 4 now lists that it further increases the recovery chance.

Decontamination: Rank 4 now lists that it further increases the recovery chance.

VoodooChild said:
Before I create a new issue, I figured I'd inquire here since you have some experience with the perk tree. I maxed out Astrophysics prior to even having a single point in Scanning. Apparently these step on themselves after reading a few complaints when doing it in this order. At mastered Astrophysics, we are supposed to auto discover a trait 50% chance. I maxed it that perk at about 200 planets surveyed in and now I'm sitting at 1020 fully surveyed and have never had a trait auto discover. I maxed out Scanning at about 500 planets and it still hasn't changed. From what I read players get this issue if they do Astor maxed prior to a single level of Scanning. Not sure where the issue is yet, but yeah, I manually had to find every trait for 1020 planets so far. Fun.

MadCat221 said:
I was actually perusing the "Vanilla Purist" version of your public mod for considering perk fixes before Arth linked me to this ticket...

I'd like to try and find the root cause of the Leadership bug mis-setting those actor values. Via usage refs, I think I have a place to start looking: scripting at the end of any of those after-questline dialogue scenes affected by the wrong AV flag value. If I console-correct the AVs in question from 1.15 to 1, the scenes play out as they should... and then the AV gets set to -0.15 as it gets de-flagged. That gives a place to start looking. After that, if we figure out what's going on and if we can even fix it, it's off to find the flag set scripting.

The workaround may be good to have until/unless a root-cause solution can be found.

Also, BGS has well and truly killed the Shield Bug, and also the related-and-lesser-known Target Lock Time bug. Some players may be still stuck at incorrect values, but it seems that whatever was mis-valuing them has been squashed officially by BGS. I just put the save/load system through the wringer doing what causes the bug, and the affected AVs on my ship remained steady in value.

Also, I tested Rapid Reloading and it seems to be fixed natively. I am keenly familiar with the slog of reloading the Big Bang particle shotgun, and I tested for this bug again recently using it and taking Rank 3 for particle guns and it had a noticeable improvement even with grenades equipped and no fixes applied. Other perk bugs that aren't simply wrong math or conditions but were fixed with workarounds circumventing engine-level bugs may have also been properly fixed by BGS.

We also decided against handling the Laser crossover with particle guns from the get-go once we discovered it because there is too much question about dev intent. Bad math (like the numerous crit chance mults instead of adds) or mismatches with perk descriptions caused by missing or incongruous conditions is one thing (like in Armor Penetration), but we're not keen on touching the odd particle buffs in higher-level laser weapon perk ranks.

Besides those points, preliminarily everything looks up to spec. I'll look through the module tomorrow for specifics.

EDIT: Aaaand I found dev notes on those AVs that may indicate that making the condition forms check for >=1 may be the best course anyway:
0 = doesn't want to talk about this subject 1+ = wants to talk about this subject Can use > 1 to flavor how they feel about it should we need to do that.

BGS also fixed one post-quest chat condition form to check >=1 for its related AV, as it's reporting as an ITM in xEdit now. Just one. Go fig...

Comment #3 Jun 15, 2024 11:34 pm  Edited by MadCat221 on Jun 16, 2024 10:51 am
MadCat221 said:
I've gleaned the still-applicable stuff and recreated them in the SF CK for ensured cleanliness... except for the Chameleon toe-stepping-prevention measures. I planned on making a separate module when recreating it to keep it a discrete fix package, but Arthmoor wishes to make an update release soon because the accidental New Atlantis Well Map regression bug really needs to be addressed.

Also, I didn't get the description text fixes in for the affliction healing perks because I think they need to be more precisely described in values. I'll create a second ticket to get the stuff missed in the first pass.

Attached Files:


Comment #4 Jun 16, 2024 2:27 pm  Edited by MadCat221 on Jun 16, 2024 2:33 pm
Argonil said:
Yeah, unlike the fixes that were added to the SFCP, my Skill Fixes mod has not been updated since before the big May update, I only issued a minor fix to keep it functioning without looking deeper into the game updates. I'm working on it now.

I wouldn't think that the tooltip changes were fitting for the USFP, they're not really bug fixes but fall more into the category of artistic choice. While most of us probably prefer to have all the details and values listed in the skill tooltips, some might find the more vague descriptions to be more immersive. Bethesda might also find it appealing that those tooltips are easier to understand for people whose basic math isn't that great. E.g. some people might not have a good sense of what "regenerate 2% health per second" translates into, and would prefer the "Health regenerates very quickly" style of tooltip. It may be more in line with Bethesda's intentions.

Comment #5 Jun 16, 2024 4:08 pm  Edited by Argonil on Jun 16, 2024 4:12 pm
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