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Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Starfield Patch
Component: Starfield: Vanilla
Category: Quests & Dialogue
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: All
Severity: Critical
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By VoodooChild on Oct 31, 2023 9:16 am

Issue #33600: Ships - Armillary - Accessibility - Quest Breaking

Apparently, there’s a major issue with ships, and I’ve been knee deep in it for about 60 levels. Here’s what I have been able to gather from both my findings and the little information on the net. This one’s a long one, so….
Stealing ships that are grounded are not a good idea at this point or, even the ones commandeer in space. Stealing a ship on the ground seems to be the biggest culprit from what I have experienced. First, if you run to a ship on the ground, and board it without doing anything with the NPCs outside, alarm goes off, like it should. About 40-50% of the time the ship takes off with you in it. You’ll get a load screen and everything will continue as normal. Commandeer the ship, and this is where the my issue started, but I didn’t notice it until later. Razorleaf, if you own it, seems to be one of the biggest offenders. After Shipbuilder and modifying, the door becomes inaccessible. Worse yet, is later on in the game it has a chance for the ramp not to extend whatsoever so and unlock on the door is useless. This is not why I put this at Critical as this is an inconvenience and will not stop the game. What it also seems to do is prevent access to Armillary in One Giant Leap, no matter if you are using the offending ship, ie: the Razorleaf in this example or not and could be a brand new ship. Sometimes there will be a marker on it in your ship, sometimes there won’t, but it will not be lit up and cannot be activated. Building the Armillary at an outpost seems to kick in a stage of the quest, but still can’t be completed because hopping in the pilot seat and taking off just acts as it normally would without it. Bethesda seems to have had an issue with this quest because there is a whole diagnostic/debug mode when you setstage 24EF7B 1. (0-3 stages all are debug modes, I just haven’t used the others.) It runs you through about 8 questions as to what you did in your previous quests and the outcome you chose, like Ryujin, Freestar, US, etc. Then, from what it seems, it creates save data for NG+ with that data. After that, to proceed to complete the main quest, you need to moveto your doppelganger, then setstage 24EF7B 100, then 110. You will then be able to talk to yourself.
The real problem also comes that if you do setstage 1, run through the questions, there’s a chance that your save for NG+ will be OK. If you don’t and you just moveto and setstage 100 and then 110, the problems with the ship remain burned into the save and you will more than likely have this problem in the future.
Other issues stemming from this that I have found with the limited resources available are:
1. Companions will not remain on your ship. This can happen even before they are staged to be in the Lodge for High Price To Pay or they will not return after. Taking on new crew, at some place like Viewport, the NPC will stand up, say they are going to the ship, then turn around and sit back down.
2. Starborn and enemy ships landed while you are out exploring will not spawn enemies outside, and will not take off. The doors will be unlocked. Walking in and taking a Starborn ship will render it locked in your ship inventory where you cannot sell or remove it. A word of note, there’s usually a final crackle/boom sound when approaching a ship normally that has landed almost as if the engines themselves give a backfire that will not occur if the bug exists. This backfire seems to be when the enemies outside are supposed to spawn as I’ve watched from a distance.
3. Rescuing a hostage from something like a Freestar ship in space from a Mission Board at the Rock, there’s no enemies onboard. You can talk to the hostage and complete the quest.
4. Reports state that this affects Walter Stroud’s final conversation in Overdesign where you turn in the quest and you are locked into dialog mode that will not allow you to get out of. I have had this happen, but I don’t see how this would cause it. Maybe it could, maybe it can’t but the ones that state they have the issue, state they had the ship bug as well. This bug does exist, but should probably be it’s own report. The only way to finish it if this happens is to SetStage 299E79 1000 prior to talking to Stroud, from what I had to do which renders no ship reward. Reward portion seems to have own quest 11D452. I’ve tried starting and setting that to 200 and a few other stages manually but still no ship reward.
5. After doing a UC Simulator run, exiting the simulator does not close out the quest. This one immediately happened to me, as well, as I was using the simulator religiously for perk challenges up to that point. Quest stays open and trying to go back into the simulator to see if you can get the quest to complete, the door makes its normal mechanical opening sound, yet doesn’t open. I reverted to an earlier save so this didn’t stay open.
6. Delivery runs for Mission Boards seem to act up where the delivery pointer ends up just being at the destination, but will not complete the quest once you get there. This, like Stroud I’m not sure if it’s on its own or related, but the general population that has this issue states they have the ship bug.

A modder seems to be on to something with fixing this issue, at least a portion of it. He also includes his source and fairly easy to talk to in comments. This mod has fixed the ships landing empty, but retroactively hasn’t fixed the issue with Armillary and the other issues this causes. What this mod does is never allow you to run up and get inside. It lands the ship, drops off, you hear the engine boom, NPCs arrive and takes back off. He explains some of the issues with the scripting involved.

Hopefully with CK you guys can get to the bottom of this. I have a feeling Bethesda is going to pull a Bethesda and prioritize easy, useless wins as they usually do, like an eat button in the upcoming patches.


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VoodooChild said:
One last issue that may or may not be related that I forgot to submit, people with the ship bug seem to have an issue with Ship Command perk. They get to second tier and after about the 2nd or 3rd ship destroyed for that challenge, the game stops tallying the ships destroyed. Only known fix that people have been able to get by with it is if they still own the Frontier and never modified it prior. At that point they need to go into Ship Builder, make a simple modification or extensive and use that for the challenge. They also have to add the minimum amount of crew space to the ship as well, because it obviously can't handle what the challenges request in its bone stock state. I was hit with this bug, but had already sold Frontier.

VoodooChild said:
I also failed to mention that this bug can be triggered if you are fast travelling or taking off in your ship when a ship is arriving. This wasn't my case I don't think, but apparently the quest for ship landing stays open and never gets a chance to go to the next stage if you do. Only one of these can happen at a time so the quest tree stays locked. Promise, this is the last thing that I remember to tell you about this quest. Apparently, there are a ton of quests tied to this bug and they all funnel to the same result. Here's a couple, but not all of them. This got me working as far as making Starborn ships not accessible, but after a short period of time, it reverted back. This had no effect on Armillary, but I don't know if I went far enough back in the Unity questline to make a difference. Mod author listed above in posts of his mod replied to someone with a list of about 100 that are tied to it. Ugh... good luck guys, we're depending on you.

ResetQuest 0022B2D9
ResetQuest 0012C6BF
ResetQuest 0012C6BE
ResetQuest 0012C6BD
ResetQuest 0012C6BC
ResetQuest 0012C6BB
ResetQuest 0012C6BA
ResetQuest 0012C6B9
ResetQuest 0012C6B8
ResetQuest 0012C6B7
ResetQuest 0012C6B6
ResetQuest 0012C6B5
ResetQuest 0012C6B4
ResetQuest 0012C6B3
ResetQuest 0012C6B2
ResetQuest 0012C6B1
ResetQuest 0012C6B0
ResetQuest 0012C6AF
ResetQuest 0012C6AE
ResetQuest 0012C6AD
ResetQuest 0012C6AC
CompleteQuest 2C0FD9
CompleteQuest 98B4E
ResetQuest 2C0FD9
ResetQuest 98B4E
SetStage 2C0FD9 10
SetStage 98B4E 10

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