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Issue Data
Status: Closed
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Component: Skyrim SE: Vanilla
Category: Placed References
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: All
Severity: Very Low
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By DarthVitrial on Nov 7, 2023 1:20 pm
Closed By Arthmoor on Nov 14, 2023 4:10 pm
Resolution: Fixed
Comment: Fixed for USSEP 4.3.0.

Issue #33616: Megaticket: Fixed misplaced refs part 3

SolitudeSawmill: Disabled dupe 000b38c3
Dlc1VampireCastleDungeon02: disabled dupe 0200aced
RiftenHaelgasBunkhouse: 00075744, 000757e1, 000757e2. Disabled dupe 0009f3f1
NchaudZel06: Disabled dupe 0008c0c2
Yngvild01: Placed wooden beam to cover a huge gap in the ceiling.

Ansilvund01: 00092c43, 00092c71. Placed rock to cover gap over 00092c74.

Mzulft01: Disabled dupes 0002022e, 00064c6c, 0008c50b


000d95c3, 000d98bc, 000b7851
Placed rocks to cover gaps under 00062145

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5 comment(s) [Closed]
DarthVitrial said:
disabled dupes 000e3199, 000e319d 000e319e 000e3340, 000e3341, 000e3343, 000e3342 000e3345, 000e3347 000e3184 000e333e 000e331e
disabled dupes 000e3179 000e3176 000e3180 000e3320 000e3324 000e3329 000e332a 000e332b 000e332c 000e315c 000e315e 000e3307 000e330c 000e330d
Disabled dupes 000e30e4 000e30e9 000e32fc 000e30eb 000e30ec 000e30de 000e30d9 000e30d8

000e3198, 000b695a, 000b6958 0001421d 0004db64 0004db18 000a398d 000b6965 000e314a 000e32fb 0001421d 000e3296 000e3289
000baeb1 000baeb3 000bc493 00106729 0010672a 0010672b 0010672c 00106731
Disabled 000bc5e2 (flying and dupe)

000957c1 0009bc2b 0009bc27 00090d75
000957ae (double check this to make sure the animation doesn't clip)
000957b0 000957b1 0009bc29 0007d880 0007d822
Disabled dupes 000E31A9 000E31A8

BlindCliffCave01: Disabled dupes 0002a556, 0003d2db
WhiteRiverWatch01: Disabled dupe 000B08E1
DLC1HunterCave02: Disabled dupes 02018203 and 021821d
Mzinchaleft02: Disabled dupes 000be6d4 000be788 000beab7 000beabe
Dlc2KolbjornBarrow01: Disabled dupe 0401DBF4
SolitudeEvetteSansHouse: Disabled Dupes 0006574b, 000657e2, 000657fc
RiftenJail02: disabled dupe 000411b2
DLC2FortFrostmoth01: Disabled dupe 0402AFFA
Bthardamz02: Disabled dupe 00037F2E
ShimmermistCave02: Disabled dupe 00098c08
WindhelmNewGnisisCornerclub: Disabled dupe 000d2709
DLC1VampireCastle01: Disabled dupes 0200CBB4 and 0200CBB9
DLC2AshfallowCitadel01: Disabled dupes 04034523 and 040345e4
TolvaldsCave02: Disabled dupe 000BF72D
NchaundZel01: Disabled dupe 0003373c
RiftenBeggarsRow: Disabled dupe 00018981
WhiterunBelethorsGeneralGoods: Disabled dupe 0005d21b
NorthwatchKeep01: Disabled dupes 0009E3BA and 0009e3D8
SolitudeErikursHouse: Disabled dupes 000D8A25 and 0005F03B
WhiterunSeverioPelagiasHouse: Disabled dupes 0003EFEF and 000C833d
SolitudeStables: Disabled dupe 000B380E
DLC2Kagrumez01: DIsabled dupes 04031D83 and 04031D85
HaemarsShame02: Disabled dupe 0007c376
SerpentsBluffRedoubt01: Disabled dupe 0005c3ad
YsgramorsTomb01: Disabled dupes 00017e11, 0006B38C, and 000DBD3F
ThalmorEmbassy03: Disabled dupe 0006DB5a
DLC1DarkfallCave01: Disabled dupes 020048A5 and 020158E7
HaemarsShame01: Disabled dupe 0002085f
WindhelmBelynHlalusHouse: Disabled dupe 0007F05e
HonningbrewMeadery03: Disabled dupe 000D7CF1
DLC2BloodskalBarrow01: Disabled dupes 04025b96, 04025b99, and 04025c3f

DarthVitrial said:
DLC1HunterHQWorld: Disabled dupe 020124FC
DLC01Boneyard: Disabled dupes 0201281e, 0201281f, 0200A135 0200A137 0200A13b 0200A13e 0200A146 0200A159 0200A15e, 020127fd 020127fe 020127ff 02012800,
Disabled dupes 02012801 0201A1Ab 0201A1AC 0201A1AE 0201A1B1 0201A1C3 0201A1C5 0201A1C7 0201282C 0201282E 02012832 0201A1E8 0201A1F1 0201D33C 02012854
disabled dupes 02012857 0201A224 0201A237 0201A239 0201A23b 0201A23c 0201A23d 0201A242 0201A243 0201A842 0201A847 0201A849
StonyCreekCave01: Disabled dupe 000F440F
Mzinchaleft01: Disabled dupe 00063d51
BrokenOarGrotto01: Disabled dupe 000BA902
SolitudeVittoriaVicisHouse: Disabled dupes 0005f06e and 0005f075
DLC2GlacialCave: Disabled dupe 04037051
DLC2Frossel01: Disabled dupes 0401C540 and 0401CEFD
DLC2WhiteRidgeBarrow01: Disabled dupe 0403B5B1
RannVeigsFast01: Disabled dupe 000346b8
DLC2Bristlebackcave01: Disabled dupes 0402ACA1 and 0402ACA3
ShroudhearthBarrow02: Disabled dupe 000DA054
FortKastav01: Disabled dupes 000BDF52, 000BDF53, 000BED41, 000BED42, 000BED45
KynesgroveSteamscorchGullyMine: Disabled dupe 00063522
HalldirsCairn02: Disabled dupes 000b198d and 000b2852
DLC2SVGreathall: Disabled dupe 0402c783
GoldenglowEstate03: Disabled dupe 000A3749
Mistwatch03: Disabled dupe 00091867
Solitudebitsandpieces: Disabled dupe 00062493
SolitudeBlackSmith: Disabled dupe 000D71e4
Darkshade01: Disabled dupes 0007c483, 0007c458, and 0003d143
DustmansCairn02: Disabled dupes 0009aba6 and 0005cc0b
DLC1DimHollowCrypt01:Disabled dupes 02001024, 02004ed7, and 0201a59d
DLC2HighpointTower01: Disabled dupe 0401d870
WhiterunTempleofKynareth: Disabled dupe 00073bb9
MarkarthWizardsQurters02: Disabled dupes 0001bafc 0001bafd and 000d2e45
FalkreathBarracksJail: Disabled dupes 000ef3db 000ef3dc 000ef40c 000ef41f
DawnstarBarracksJail: Disabled dupes 000eb4a1 000eb4cf 000eb4ee 000eb4da
BrittleShinPass01: Disabled dupe 00081ff0
Valthume01: Disabled dupes 000311c5 and 000e1c2f
ChillfurrowFarm: disabled dupe 000d59c4
Embershardmine01: disabled dupe 000b6c59
Avanchnzel01: disabled dupe 00067b27
SwindlersDen01: 0006dd77, 0006dd7e, 0006dd7f, 0006ddb6 0006dd83 0006dd82 0006ddb4 0006ddb5 0006ddd0 0006ddd2
YgnolBarrow01: disabled dupe 000b6410
DLC02SVBaldorIronShapersHouse: disabled dupe 0402b2cc
Gloomreach01: Disables dupe 0007944d
DLC2RRBulwarkCave: Disabled dupes 04039318 04039319 0403931a 0403931b 0403931c 040394FD
SolitudeJusticarsHeadquarters: Disabled dupe 000720fa
FortGreymoor01: Disabled dupe 0006B6CB
FaldarsTooth01: Disabled dupes 00091048 and 000910c9
WhiterunJorrvaskrbasement: Disabled dupe 00081156
WhiterunHalloftheDead disabled dupe 000e42a8
Duskglowcrevice01: disabled dupe 0010036f
SolitudeLighthouse: Disabled dupe 000b3ff8
MarkarthUnderStoneKeep: Disabled dupes 00087e83 and 00087e84

Tamriel: Disabled 000A3f52 (never visible, inside a wall)
000893a9 0004106e 000907a3 000d148f 000d1493 000d14af 000d14b0 000d14bd 000c0a06 000c0aac 000c0a07 000c0a06 000c0a7d 000441f4
000459bd 000459bc 000459bb 000459ba 00043040 000cca1a 000c23d0 000c23e9 000c23ec 000cc9c5 000cc9c1 000cc9c3 000cc9c6 000cc9d5 000cc9d6 00061648
Placed rock to cover gap under 000a92d7
Placed rock to cover gap under 000261fc

DarthVitrial said:
00045d2d 0004d52c 00045d30 00047d60 00047d61
00042acc 000cc982 000cc990 000cc984
Placed rock to cover gap under 00042ac9
000d1526 000cc9ab 000c1b02 000cf11e 000cf12c 000cf12d 00043090 000596bd 0004094c 0008e184 0008e104 0008e168 0008e17e 0008fc69
000bbc41 0100222d 01002230 0100223c 0100223f
Placed rock to cover gap under 0006072E
0007345f 0004149f 0006e3c2 0006e591 000ee157 000ee159 000ee15a 000ee15b 000ee15c 0006e586 000ee165 000ee1ca 0006e49e 000ee1aa
0006c896 (double check please?) 0006c234 000ee1a7 0006797d 0006e678 000986eb 0006d37e 000893f3 000893f4 000893b3 0002c403 000e6815
Placed rock to cover gap under 0004ffee
0006075d 000b3fa1 00034bbd 0006a932(0006AA82 moved to match) 0006aa8a
000b3f9f 0001f19b 00107b89 0001f1b7 00095aa0 000c7290 000c729e 000c729e
Placed a rock to cover a hole in the ground under 000355df
000e3b36 000e23ba 0007344c 00043081 0008e132 0010397d 000e456b 000e456e 000e456c 000e4827 000e4820
000b435e (Kinda awkward, can you double check?)
0001f20e 0006a90b ( 0006a94b and 0006a95c moved to match) 0006a8fe 0006a950 0006aaac 0003504c 000352e9 0001f1fd
00049fc4 00049fd4 00049fc8 00049fd9 00082980 00082981 0005d8ee 0006194e 00061984 000d246f 000d2470 000d247b 000d247c 000d2483 000d248e 000d2482
0005daeb 000851f1 000d2476 000851eb 000829ae 00061999 00061994
00040351 00040a72 00040a74 00040a74 00040a7b 0004034f 00083a66 0005f308 000851f9 00061a2d 0002872d 00021330 00099b60
00099bfb 00060840 00021901 00021904 (still somewhat floaty) 0004f3be
Disabled 00037e37 (underground, never visible)
Placed rubble to cover gap under 00059bc0
Disabled 0006b1e3, 0006b1e4, 0006b1ec, 0006b1eb, 0006b1f3, 0006b20d, 0006b220 (underground, never visible)
0004b307 0004fdfd 000C7FBA 0005d8cf 000997ef

Attached Files:


DarthVitrial said:
Addendum of a few more fixes that didn't warrant their own megaticket:


000C59E7 0003a6f1
00020cf3 (00020cf4 and 00020cf5 moved to match)

00084f82 0002aa1f 0003bf12
Placed rock to cover clipping 0003d2ba of 0003a6f1

Placed rocks to cover gaps under 0003aa56 and 0003aa2f.

00049f9e 00049ce3 00075425 00075424 0007542a
Placed rock to cover gap under 0005d894
0008dbc5 (rotated slightly to fix clipping, that's all)
000ab8e6 000ab8ec 000ce416 0004109b 00099851 00099853 00099858 0009985c 0006294a 00062994 00061471 00061472 00061473
0006294b (rock placed to cover seam exposed when moving this)
00022209 000594f4 00097bff 000186b5
Placed rock to cover gap under 0002cce3
00082968 00097c43 00097c44 00100db3 0004fdf3 0005077f 00083a31 00083a35 00083a34 00021957 0007541b 0007541d
000eb540 00106720 00106721 00106722 00106723 010d3d7
Placed riverbed segment to cover huge gap under 00065451

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Arthmoor said:
All of the above issues have now been fixed and merged with the current patch build.

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